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Abnormal Behavior eBook

$15.00 Instant Download

25 Pages



In this 25 page ebook I present to you three mentalism effects from my repertoire that utilize a borrowed deck of playing cards. These three effects make up the routine that I perform in casual situations when presented with a deck of cards or a pack just happens to be laying around.

I wanted a short card set that was purely mental. I wanted something simple, practical yet something that would fry some minds. The methods and presentation would have to be fun and entertaining and would leave people with a feeling that they experienced something special. This is it.




“Nice ideas! The three routines work very well together. You have some very original thinking hereand the methods are very subtle and clever. I think this collection is a winner.” – Richard Osterlind


“I like this routine a lot. Well thought out and written and a worthwhile addition to “thought” card methodology.”- Bob Cassidy


“If you want to borrow a deck of cards and entertain people with mind blowing Mentalism. Get this! ”

Andrew Gerard


“Great routines from a great thinker at a great price!”

Jeremy Weiss

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