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Cut and restore your skin




Imagine taking any ordinary knife or a shard of glass to your open palm, cutting a gash so deep and believable that blood appears to seep out. As if this isn't enough to freak out your spectators, the wound suddenly heals before their eyes. You're a superhero; the master of your body. Make it a reality. Perform it live-Anytime. Anywhere. 




"As close to real magic as it gets ... Bloody amazing"



"CUT" offers the wise mystery performer a dramatic anytime, anywhere piece of illusionary wish-fulfillment: man's primal desire to be able to heal himself. Ran Pink has given us something which is Fantastic.

- Michael Weber


"The sheer brilliance of this concept, and the method involved, are perfect example of what Arthur C. Clarke meant when he said, Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

- Christopher Taylor


"'Cut' is the most realistic and beautiful healing effect I have seen in person. Engineered by one of the most clever and creative mentalists in the industry, Ran Pink has brought to life a hollywood special effect that is both practical and affordable for mentalists and magicians."

- Brandon Queen


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