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"As close to real magic as it gets … bloody amazing.”



The ability to speed up the healing process in the human body is one of the most sought after abilities in human history.  Hippocrates, Jesus and Wolverine are known for it, and you will be too. To prove your power, you take an ordinary, borrowed knife to your open palm, cut a gash so deep and believable that blood appears to exit the wound. As if this isn’t enough to freak everyone out, your spectators watch, in awe, as the wound magically heals before their eyes. You’re a superhero; the master of your body; and instant legend. Make it a reality. Start a religion.


“CUT offers the wise mystery performer a dramatic anytime, anywhere piece of illusionary wish-fulfillment: man’s primal desire to be able to heal himself. Ran Pink has given us something which is Fantastic.”

- Michael Weber


- More effective formula for vivid and realistic cuts

- Simpler application
- Longer lasting
- New and improved gimmicks that offer more flexibility than ever before
- Easy application
- Setup in seconds


BONUS: For the faint of heart, “CUT2.0” offers a number of additional effects and can be used as a tool to create new and unique effects. 


“It’s one of these tricks that people will never forget, it’s so perplexing to think about…Cut 2.0 will change the way people look at you. Period."

- Andrew Gerard


CUT 2.0

Cut and RESTORE your skin + MORE


SOLD OUT This product is currently out of stock

Featured on Ekaterina Magic

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