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The White Room eBook

$20.00 Instant Download

16 Pages + 16 Page Expanded Addendum



White Room is a technique you can use to create a direct mind reading experience using nothing but the imagination.

The premise is turning imagination into reality.

You will always have this with you, because it uses nothing but words.

Imagine being able to tell a person what card they have arrived at while making every decision secretly in their mind.

The White Room technique is unique and can be applied to other items.

This can be performed over the telephone or internet chat by an experienced mentalist.


Included: ICAINU Effect


ICAINU stands for Imagined Card at Imagined Number Unspoken.

It's my favorite effect that uses the White Room technique and it's easy enough that anybody who can give clear instructions can perform it.


The mentalist never touches the deck of cards once they are boxed and handed to the participant just before the effect begins. The cards are in possession of the participant the entire time while they are secretly and silently choosing a card and it’s position in an imaginary deck.


They are stunned when they remove the real deck from their pocket or purse and find their thought of card at the position in the deck that they’ve only imagined. You don’t even know the card or number until they have dealt the cards, face up if you’d like, to the number in their heads and just before they turn over the card to verify if their imagination has become reality.


Did I mention ICAINU uses a normal un-gimmicked deck of 52 cards which can be borrowed. The cards can be examined before and after the effect and nothing will be found. There is no memorization involved and there is no sleight of hand needed. It is practically self working, surefire and hands-off.


Several additional ideas to use with the White Room are also included just to get your juices flowing.


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