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Abnormal Behavior eBook

$35.00 Instant Download

25 Pages



The ZEN SYSTEM manual in PDF format.


ZEN Derek Heron Redesign- This is the most updated and balanced design and includes several formats including PDF (ready to Print and Cut) and Photoshop files. The Photoshop files have layers so they are easily customizable.


ZEN Classic – The original design. PDF only


French , German, Spanish versions in Classic format. PDF only


Down Under Version in Classic format. PDF only


Autumn ZEN- Autumn replaces Fall in this version. Classic Format. PDF only


Purchasers also get access to the ZEN SYSTEM discussions forum at Zen Forum with many pages of useful tips and helpful advice on how to make the most of the ZEN SYSTEM. Note if you are a current owner of the ZEN SYSTEM, You can contact me with the email account you used to pay for it and I’ll send you the ePackage with the updated design as a gift.




Life is filled with hidden messages and meaningful omens.

The mentalist offers guidance in the form of the ZEN SYSTEM, combining different oracles into a momentary message from the subconscious. With no questions asked, the mentalist reveals the participant’s Zodiac sign. He then continues to give a personality reading and insights to their life and finally reveals their actual Birth-date.

Nothing is written down, no fishing, no pumping no pre-show, no instant stooging or dual reality and no memory work required for the main ZEN SYSTEM presentation. Includes 2 custom printed ZEN SYSYTEM reference cards and a 35 page booklet describing the ins and outs of the system. Also includes bonus effect Namerology, which can be done impromptu, in person and over the phone.




“Got back last night and read your Zen system at last. I think this is very good. I like it especially because it fits in perfectly with the way I do readings.” - Bob Cassidy


“Ran Pink’s ZEN is really superb. It is a clever way to get someone’s Zodiac Sign and then their exact birthday! All you need are the 2 special cards and the wealth of information Ran has packed into the instructions to do some incredible mentalism. ZEN shows some great thinking!” – Richard Osterlind


“Ran is a clever clever man. This system is an excellent example of how you can make a maximum impact out of the most minimum of props. Out of the many great ways to achieve this effect, this adds something new and innovative to a working mentalist’s arsenal. He uses the concept beautifully, and (I predict) you will be inspired and happy with its simplicity and flexibility!” – Alain Nu


“Ran has put together an amazing thing with ZEN, I have been using the for the past couple of weeks and its 100% real looking to the person you are reading, its scary !!! AMAZEBALLZ!” –Andrew Gerard


“There is no question that Ran’s Zen System is the Ultimate Zodiac Revelation effect to date. I never leave home without it!” - Michael Murray


“This is a very well put together booklet with a very clever prop. Lots of wonderful thinking in the realm of my favorite workings.” – Patrick Redford


“Ran has something VERY special with ZEN. I love it.” – Ben Harris


“This is a killer idea, I wish I’d thought of it!” - Paul Carnazzo


“It seems to me that pulling someone’s exact Birth Date out of the Ethers is the ACAAN of the Psychic world. You’ve nailed it with your ZEN system. Nothing suspicious, nothing clumsy, and I think it’s perfect for any kind of reader…or just as an example of dead-on Mentalism once you, personally, know that date. Very powerful.” – Tom Jorgenson


“I must say that I am very impressed by the ZEN system. I think its brilliant! It is definitely something that I will be using often.” - Tony Razzano


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